Random Bible Verse

Spin the wheel to get a random verse on different topics.

Spin the wheel to get a random bible verse

According to Merriam-Webster, the word random refers to something lacking a definite plan, purpose, or pattern. So that's not exactly how we approached our random bible verse wheel. After carefully curating a number of bible verses from some of the most common topics that people are seeking guidance on, we came up a list and added to our wheel. There are 31,102 verses in the King James Bible but not all individual verses would make sense to add to the wheel, as they would be incomplete and require adding many passages to fully understand the meaning of what is going on in proper context.

We are always looking to improve the site and we are constantly looking at adding verses to our database. Why the wheel? We wanted to create something fun, creative and provide a new spinβ€”pun intended lolβ€”with a new bible tool. Smiles wanted! Who doesn't want to spin a wheel? If even one person clicks to spin the wheel and reads something from the bible and has a smile... awesome! we have achieved our goal! It's a simple way to create a little buzz and get excited to study the bible. Looking to take a break from your email? Is it the weekend or your day off? In addition to our daily bible verse that gets delivered to your daily inbox, the random bible verse wheel doesn't require an email to use! Some of the most sought-after topics based on our research, and our own daily lives, we came up with something for everybody.

Rise and Shine!

Start the day out by spinning the wheel and get some inspiration, or maybe your will read a verse that will provide the knowledge and strength you might need later in the day as life serves up a certain challenge.

Daily Journal

Keeping a daily journal can be very beneficial to our daily lives and also provide a great historical record for generations of family members. We are currently working on a journal that users can interact with and integrate the bibles teachings into a personalized useful format.

Share the good news!

Do you know somebody that might need some uplifting? Maybe a non-believer that has never read anything from the bible or would probably never open the bible a read anything even if you gave them a copy for free. The wheel provides a light and fun approach to sharing the gospel.

Do you have a favorite verse that is related to the topics on our wheel? Please share them with us and we will might add them to the wheel in the future

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